by - Tuesday, May 20, 2014

 "This year, more wonderful things await you as you step into Wanderland"

 As you all know, this is my first time to attend Wanderland's Music and Arts Festival. Thanks to Al and her Uncle we got free tickets. So many things happened that day. It was surprising that we survived the chaos and boredom that hit us while we were there. It took me two and a half days to recover from the post-festival feels and to do this blog post. I didn't take a lot of photos because we wanted to have fun. It was a bummer though when my phone died after The Paper Kites performed, I didn't had the chance to shoot The Royal Concept and Architecture in Helsinki (new found fave bands) it sucks. Maybe telling you the story about our day at the festival will be great (it will calm me down)
 We arrived at Globe Circuit around 1 in the afternoon and the weather was so hot. We didn't regret going there at that time because we didn't want to miss any performances (but we did). First we took a walk around the area to look at the activity booths and food stalls. The other booths were giving away free drinks and food (money life savers). I think that day we had a thing for iced tea, we kept on going back at the iced tea stall more than 10 times. We brought our blanket and umbrella so we can sit on the ground without getting our butt's dirty.There were a lot of people who were recommending that we should go visit their booths and we did. The afternoon session was full of wondering around the area. It was fun playing in the activity booths and just eat. The place looked like a carnival when the carousel opened, the clowns, and long legged guys (lol) showed up. It was creepy yet hilarious because they were making fun of themselves.
The crowd started to get bigger when evening came. I think they aced the thought of attending the event in the evening because they didn't suffer the hot weather (Al got a tan line btw). Globe Circuit looked even more WANDERful in the evening, the carousel's lights, the stages lighting was da bomb dot com, and the whole place looked amazing when everyone started dancing like crazy. Actually they didn't care if they look stupid dancing and jumping around. That's what made the event fun. You don't have to care what other people think! 
because we got tired of going back to the iced tea stall, we just bought our own 1 liter of Lemon Iced Tea
We got our face painted!
We had to take one, it's free 
This was taken when we were in front of the stage because The Paper Kites were about to perform

Long-story-short that day was full of fun. I felt like we really attended Coachella (coachella feels)

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  1. Looks like tons of fun!
    Brooke Jordan