Little did I know

by - Monday, January 20, 2014

Lately I've been getting a lot of comments about my blog and on how I blog. Some of them makes me glad that I want to make my blog posts worth reading, but some comments (well they're not actually "comments", it's more of a "taunt" I guess?) makes me flushed and lose my confidence. There are actually a lot of random things I want to do and put in this kooky blog of mine. I know some of those random things will give you the thought that I'm bragging or whatever. Hey? I'm just a normal teenager who likes to share memories and stuff, so deal with it. Or might as well just leave it be. I'm not that kind of girl that brag's. I just like to do what I want and let you guys know, so you can do it yourself... I guess. 

I actually don't know why I just said all of those things, maybe it's because I'm about to do my school works and I just want to get out of it? Or I'm just tired of some people mocking me every time I post something unusual of me doing (like doing photo shoots and blogger collaborations even fangirling,  damn) I'm going to go now before I lose myself. 

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