Photo Diary: The Simpsons

by - Saturday, December 21, 2013

Yesterday we celebrated our (my) last Christmas Party at school. It was great and at the same time heart breaking. You know why? Great, because we celebrated it completely as a class; heart breaking, because next year Our Lady of Immaculate Conception will loose the two most annoying, immature, affront, yet funny lads. We all felt awful (is this really the right word) about them leaving that's why we optimized our remaining time with them. After having a good time at school my sister and I planned to take pictures (by 'take pictures' i mean photo shoot) at BGC since my mom left my aunts camera at home (ok so we 'kinda' took advantage). But unfortunately we go stuck in traffic and ended up at Rockwell. We were with my bff, Allyson. Here are some of the photos I liked from yesterday's shoot

this is what I call The Eleanor Calder outfit 101

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  1. the brick walls are perf for shooting aw and damn u guys are really tall


    1. I know! Haha fences are quite cute too lol tbh we're not that tall

  2. falling in love with the top>.< so cute


  3. you, your friend and sister (?) are so adorable! love the setting with the trees but the bricks are pretty cool too :)

    xo Sarah