Day 3: Your day, in great detail

by - Friday, October 11, 2013

This photos basically sums up my day and the other bullets I added. Ka-chow.
(My friends and I pretended to be cats)

I painted 5sos' logo because I'm addicted to them

Took this photo of Jianne laughing. She's such a cutie

My best friend slash sister since 6th Grade

Mary Poppins! 

Charlies Angels or should I say Umbrella Angels (weird)

It was raining so I skated with an umbrella on my hand


Had a great laugh with Cha before going to class
We watched Ice Princess during our Physics class
Got excused in class because of our drum and lyre practice
After class we went to Ally's
I basically fangirled 1D when I saw their magazine (do you feel me)
Practiced our lines for our English play
I skated my butt off

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