Day 1: Write something basic about yourself

by - Wednesday, October 09, 2013

First Day! 

  • I have a bad habit of losing things (just last week I lost our camera and I still can't find it) 
  • I'm a nagger sometimes
  • I love spending time with my computer
  • I was a jejemon when I was in 6th Grade 
  • I fix things
  • I have a weird obsession for boy bands (fyi)
  • I cram
  • There's this book that I can't finish reading
  • Collecting books is my thing
  • Jealousy sometimes hits me (in my face)
  • I never liked copy cats (sorry not sorry)
  • I live in the Philippines.. Mabuhay
  • I was a hard core choreographer when I was a little kid
  • I never in my whole life met an artist (sigh)
  • I ones cried because of 5sos
  • Grey's Anatomy, Cold Case, and CSI are my favorite movies
  • Sometimes I watch Korean movies with my mom (lol)
  • Every summer I would always get a Dora hair cut. It looks good in me though

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