by - Saturday, October 05, 2013

I've been planning to blog about how to make a new friend, just last month. It wasn't easy for me to write something with that kind of topic, because I've been with my six wonderful best (sisters) friends for a year now (the best 1 year to be honest). I have never planned of having new circle of friends because of them. I liked it when it's just the seven of us hanging out. But because of this topic I was eager to try finding a new friend.

It wasn't easy for me to find a new friend, because I was never that girl who likes to talk to other people (thanks to my lack of confidence). And Tom Petty ones said "I'm not exactly a guy who makes new friends" (this quote clearly describes my life when I was in elementary). Also thanks to maturity I gained confidence when I was in High School. 

I'm going to share the 5 Steps on how to get a new friend I made last month. It worked when I tried it with Ally but it's kinda different.. weird.

1. Find someone who's alone. 

2. Approach and talk to him/her. 

3. Try not to be awkward.

4. Ask him/her if you two could bond after school.


Those steps are only my opinion on how to get a new friend. You could try it or discover your own. 

Moving on. I'll tell you something about these photos I posted. 

This photos were taken yesterday at BGC. We had a half day at school because it was Teachers Day. Ally and I were planning to do a Photoshoot thing since last week. We even wrote this note that we entitled "What Ally and Shauna should do before school ends" It's actually going pretty well. It may sound sassy but you know girls..

We were like models (ok I'm kidding) just bare with the photos please. Haha! Enjoy judging our photos! Ok please don't judge.

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