September 21st: 16 but still not ready

by - Saturday, September 21, 2013

I just turned 16 today ((yes it's my birthday)) It wasn't that special actually. There's a mini celebration at my Lola's house. My cousins were there and we ate. FYI my Lola and I are both born on the 21st of September mehehehe so I'm pretty much lucky when it comes to 'handaan' haha

But before that I took first the entrance exam at GCIC (Global City Innovative College) it took us 4 hours to fill up the forms and to answer the test. And there's this essay writing that challenged my lazy mind. I was with Allyson and Cha. 

This is were we took our entrance exam. It was cold inside due to the air con that was on high cool for 4 hours. Yes, we were about to lose our minds but the good thing was we made it (thank you, lord)  

 After taking the exam we were interviewed by the Academic head of GCIC (she was cool and kind and i really like her). Well it was supposed to be the Chair man of the program we chose who will interview us after the exam but they were not available, i think we were lucky.. i think. The interview went well, it was kinda awkward at first because the A.H kept on looking at me and I think I nodded at her for like 20 times. Hahaha. We thought that the exam results will be showed to us that same day, unfortunately the person who'll be checking those were also not available so they'll tell the results on monday. Meh.

We went to Powerplant since it was just a 5-10 minute drive (we took the shuttle and it was cute) we went in shops to window shop and ate at Mcdo. We saw this cute hat that says "Happy Birthday" and has candles on top of it. Since its my birthday, they took a photo of me wearing it. Please bare with my haggard face. 

Preparing the college requirements are stressing me out too much I want to die already. I'm still not ready for college. I have to convince myself that I should be serious and focused next school year. Oh my gosh I'm hating it already. Why.

Since it's my birthday today. Here's a photo of me being vain and immature in the photo booth. Happy 16th Birthday to me. I feel old already.

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