by - Monday, August 12, 2013

DON'T DROP THAT THUN THUN THUN.. DON'T DROP THAT THUN THUN THUN! EEEY! HAHAHA. HI. WHATS UP. HAVEN'T BLOGGED FOR A WEEK OR TWO OR THREE? WHAT? HA-HA. Okay. To start off this new blog post, i'm going to tell you what i have been doing lately.

  • Last 2 weeks of July
I was suppose to start doing my projects that time because the submissions are at the first week of August. I did two projects, because the submission is at the last day of July. After that i didn't do my other projects. I just chilled and reviewed my notes for the quizzes and other tests that we're going to have. Well i started doing them (projects) .. on the second day of August. I like cramming when it comes to making projects. I'm used to it. But when i know that i'll cram, i make sure that i put an effort in making it (depends on the subject meh bad ass) 
  • First Week of August
[August 04] HAD MY FIRST EVER 5SOS LIVE TWITCAM. It was 5pm their time and 5am our time.. so yeah.. it was the bomb! Calum showed his perfff ass (oops) but yeah. It was freakin' cool <333 (if u have vine follow me: Shauna Lacson (i have there a vid of 5sos' twitcam))
After that i got sick for a week. My mom said its because i stayed up late blah blah blah but who cares!! at least i got to watch 5sos' twitcam LIVE. Then. i discovered All Time Low (atl) i'm addicted to their songs right now, btw. And i'm starting to fan girl them. Is it bad? Naaah it's not. 

[August 07-08] We had our 1st P.T.It went well.. except for physics. Damn physics. I hated it. rt if u cried. okay. I passed all of my projects *two thumbs up please* and my math project got 95% even though it looks as if it was drawn by a drunk man

We didn't have classes last Friday (thanks to ramadan) and classes were suspended today (thanks to the typhoon) so we had 4 straight days of resting our brains because of the hectic schedule we had and do nothing but sleep all day. I can't believe it, after planning to post a new blog for 3 days.. i finally did it! Now i'll go watch Teen Choice Award.Bye

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