Million People March

by - Monday, August 26, 2013

Maniladventure #1

We were watching the sunset on top of a hill, we laid down on the grass and talked about random things, he surprised me with flowers.. suddenly Michael Clifford looked at me and said "Want to stay like this forever?". When I was about to answer him i felt pain on my ass. It was Viel, who was hitting me and yelling "Hoy gumising ka na! Pupunta tayo ng Luneta Park!". I got pissed. Haha. But its just a dream. Nigga I ain't worryin' 'bout nothin'. 

It was windy, (kinda) raining, and wet, the mud was all over my shoes. People were shouting "Makibaka, wag mag baboy!".. someone got jealous and shouted it too ((it was me)) I was laughing all the time because i kept on seeing pig masks :( huehue. Anyway here are some of the photos i took earlier: 

My ootd lol "What on earth are you waiting for?" shirt. It looks like I'm attending a concert.. yah whatever huehue. We ate lunch at Robinsons Manila and went home. I'm glad that we attended the Million People March because I saw how people protested their rights and it gave me the experience on how to be mobbed by thousands of people. Fak you corrupt government. Oops.

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