Problema de Puta

by - Friday, July 05, 2013

Here's the thing. I'm sick and tired of having problems. Shauna doesn't have time for problems, OKAY? Oh I hate people right now, specially.. ok so yeah. Get the point. It's fucking friday and we have our CAT tomorrow. ITS SATURDAY TOMORROW! WHY! Gad damn it philippine marines. I think im going to pass out. Ok. Aghhh! Can i ask u something? Are you loyal to your friends? Are you? Are you? ARE YOU?!! I'm ranting ok sorry. Oh god i'm going to be a college girl next school year :(((( there's too many requirments to finish.I'M NOT READY YET. WE HAVE SO MANY TESTS ON MONDAY! Fml i have to review. I haven't eaten dinner yet. I want to meet 5sos so much i would trade anything for it :(((my fan page is losing followers :(((  why am i such a loserrrrrr :(((( i want to see my lolo he understands my problems :((((( < My life rt now.

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