by - Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ha-lo. Sorry if i keep on changing my blog template.. From now on, i won't change it for the sake of my hands which is literally bummed bc i edited to much pictures taday. And guess what, i'm not in the mood to blog about what i did earlier. Hehe but i will still tell it to you guys bc last time i said that i'll do a blogpost this weekend so yeah enough talk and lets move on to my real blogpost.. lol whut k

I'm really not a "fashionista" girl. But i have to think like a fashionista (but simpler) bc i'm a teenager now -_-. Sometimes you'll see me at the mall just wearing a simple shirt and a pair of skinny jeans or shorts. I was never a fan of skirts. That's why i hate our school uniform. Dresses? Well i just wear them when theres occasions. Shoes.. hm.. i'm more on flats, i don't wear heels (but when we had our prom last year i wore heels but yeah it was js prom dude you can't wear flats thats just.. INSANE) Mehehe. So moving on.. again.. I decided to do a not-really-a-pictorial thing on how "simple" i'am when it comes to wearing clothes (omfg this too embarrassing) HA-HA 

I'm still planning when to wear the clothes i used in the first picture :-) lol i never got the chance to wear my costumized Davao shirt bc i forgot to bring it when we were OOT. Next summer i will wear it tho'.. Wondering why i only posted 2 kinds of clothes.. don't ask why. Well that's it. Haha i told you its not-really-a-pictorial thing :-)) mehehe. Btw i d.i.y some of my clothes, if you're following me on instagram well obviously you've seen it already. If not.. you should if you want to see some of the d.i.y's i did last summer. Instagram: _shaunalacson

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