by - Thursday, July 18, 2013

I just found out that its hard to swallow your food when you lay prone on a couch.. Haha wtf lol yeah good one.
Hi wackos. Just got home from Infinitea :-) haha. They opened a tea store near our house :( omfg i'm crying. Kidding. (wow it rhymed lol) So yeah. What now.. Ok i'll just share some stuff to you guys aka my blog readers lololol. This week Khalifa had a B-I-G problem and obviously it's about our friendship, but its ok now were happy again yay. I'm so moody these days.. i don't know why. I still don't have my wifi connector!!! -_- so i'm using my sisters computer (isn't it obvious) Ok moving on. Today was very exhausting :( we had our first club meeting fuck i hate the old club members who doesn't know how to respect people! Actually just some of them. Ok. Then my sister and i had a long walk because we had to get some things at my Lolas house before going to Infinitea. Wtf i think my feets going to fall off..Well that's all for today. I'll try to blog this weekend. Thank you for visiting my not-so-cool blog! Love you guyssss mwa x 

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