☠ the 25 things ☠

by - Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do you ever get the feeling of being unwanted. K. I don't know why i'm blogging this. I hate myself today bye x

The 25 things you should know about Shauna 

1. I will graduate high school soon 
2. My parents are separated 
3. I only have 5sos' songs in my phone

 4. I named my wall "Stewie" 

5. I love reading books

6. I don't like copycats
7. I broke my wifi connector and now i'm saving money to buy a new one. Hatin'
8. I.. hate.. S C I E N C E
9. If i ever hurt you physically, it means i like you
10. Me likey doodling 

11. I like to explore my computer.. get it
12. When i was a kid my favorite movie was Evolution.. its still my fave tho

13. I'm afraid to go to college next year
14. Sometimes i hate people too much 
15. I have the weirdest friends
16. I'm a skinny nigga

17. I'm a memo pad addict

18. I'm vain on instagram 

19. I don't drink milk. Ew
20. Obviously, i like to blog about everything
21. I have a weird obssession for 5SoS
22. I didn't sleep when Michael Clifford followed me.
23. I don't understand what i feel
24. I still have feelings for u know who. Nah i'm joking u lil' ass 
25. My life sucks 

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