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by - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My title deserves a big.. K. OK.To start off my new blog, kindly stare at these photos for 2 minutes.

Ain't we cute? Hell yeah we do! Lol k. 

Haven't blogged for.. i don't know, i got lost track of days thanks to school works! Anyway school stared last June 17 and i'm now a senior student at Gcs. I'm going to graduate soon :( sucks balls. I love going to school don't get me wrong, but it just sucks 'cause there's too many school works to do i'm crying to deaaathhh. Now i don't have the time to rant about 5sos. Sucks big time. Good thing weekend's there to comfort me. Ok so i don't know what to say now. Oh yeah, it's Khalifa Day today!!! Happy 8th wacko's! <3 love you too bitssss. This blog also deserves a big.. "YES I FINALLY UPDATED MY BLOG" smile kkk. Bye x

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