by - Saturday, April 20, 2013

I know that i said that i won't focus on blogger anymore because i made tumblr. Nah, what the heck i can take it back. So here it goes.. :)) My mom and i bought the season 2 of Awkward -which we watched earlier (a little suggestion here, never ever watch it with your mom 'cause it's kinda awkward when the making out scenes is showed.)   this movie was the bomb! I really don't know how to tell you guise how awesome this teen comedy series  is. You gotta watch it. I'm sure that you'll enjoy it, or maybe love it? Well either of them i guess. And i must say that you can learn something from it. Season 3 is released last tuesday April 16 but the episodes are not yet complete.. THAT'S A BUMMER!! I can't watch it naman here at the computer 'cause of slow internet connection. Damn you. So i'm just gonna wait for the cd. Hehe oh god i can't wait.. why why why delilah! -_- ugh. Goodnight guysssssss it's really awesome how i can blog anything i want to say. I'm glad i made this blog

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