The Good in Goodbye.

by - Saturday, March 02, 2013

"Yes, I got hurt by the man I love. But I still love him because he makes me happy." The most idiotic thing we say to your friends, or just to explain to them why you don't want to leave the man you love. True right? Hay na ko. Miski ako nasabi ko na yan sa mga kaibigan ko. At sa huli? Wala nagsisi ako. Because he left me :) Akala ko ok na eh, kase wala ng panggulo. Kase ok na kami. Yun pala hindi pa din and the most awful part is when he left me he didn't  even explain why! Funny right? He just said "Walang tayong patutunguhan" &^!%&(@%^$(@^ -_- (He texted that to me when my friends and I were buying our food) I was so serious that time. I felt like crying pero syempre di ko tinuloy. Duh nasa tapsilogan tas iiyak? No way!! Good thing my friends were there to comfort me (thank you guise!). Actually after that, I kinda miss his texts :(. Oh Valentines Day, why? :( I was expecting that what he did to me was a joke, then he'll surprise me and say sorry for what he did (ganda ko eh) but no. It was just an ordinary day for me. I expected too much. That's why I got hurt. I EXPECTED TOO MUCH. Dun ko na lang na realize na wala na talaga. Tapos yun na :) nasanay na wala na talaga siya :) I just enjoyed my life at school and with my friends. (matagal na to) Kung hindi pala nangyari yun, edi hanggang ngayon nasasaktan pa din ako no? :)) Just found the good in goodbye.

A little suggestion here. Hm. Just be wise on picking the person you want to be with. 

*it feels like it's my diary*
Just wanted to share this and I kinda miss him.. just a little bit 

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