Ateneo Lady Eagles ❤

by - Saturday, March 02, 2013

The most awaited game of the day! UAAP Woman's Volleyball Finals Game 1. The Lady Spikers (De La Salle University) vs. the Lady Eagles! (Ateneo de Manila University)

Many people watched and supported the game. Especially the students who are studying at Ateneo and La Salle (lol) I got excited when the game was about to start. So I ran to the bathroom to make wee wee and got food at the kitchen. Hahahaha XD Then the game began.. The Lady Eagles won 2 sets. I WAS SURPRISED because the Lady Spikers were like not in the mood in playing. So I started tweeting and I was like "ISANG SET NALANG ATENEO!!". I thought that it's their game na, then the Lady Spikers became perserved and started to bring back their confidence in playing. Tas yun na :( they also won 2 sets. Damn it -_-. When it was already set 5.. I no longer had hope that Ateneo will win, because of Maraño huhu :( -_- she became wild men!! But! But! I'am AND still will be proud of my Ateneo Lady Eagles \m/

My favorite Ateneo volleyball player is Angeline Marie Dzi Gervacio!! I super love and idolize her! She's my inspiration whenever I play volleyball (so true) #1 fan ovah here!! And Meg, my best friend said that I look like her (i know that she's just joking). Oh well. FIRST GAME PA LANG  YAN. We shall see on Wednesday if Ateneo naman mananalo <3 Let's all pray Atenista's! :) ❤ 


Angeline Marie Dzi Gervacio :">  Jersey #6 
The super spiker of Ateneo!! 


-please bear with the pictures-

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